80's TOP 1000

Top 1000 of the 80's 320KB

1    9.9                                         ALL FOR ME FOR ALL OF YOU                                      
2    A FLOCK OF SEAGULS                          THE MORE YOU LIVE THE MORE YOU LOVE                            
3    ABBA                                        ONE OF US                                                      
4    ABBA                                        THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL                                        
5    ABC                                         THE LOOK OF LOVE                                               
6    ABC                                         THE NIGHT YOU MURDERED LOVE                                    
7    ABC                                         WHEN SMOKEY SINGS                                              
8    ADAM AND THE ANTS                           STANDS AND DELIVER                                             
9    ADEVA                                       RESPECT                                                        
10   AEROSMITH                                   LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR                                            
11   AFRIKA BAMBAATAA & UB 40                    RECKLESS                                                       
12   A-HA                                        HUNTING HIGH AND LOW                                           
13   A-HA                                        TAKE ON ME                                                     
14   AIR SUPPLY                                  ALL OUT OF LOVE                                                
15   AL JARREAU                                  BOOGIE DOWN                                                    
16   AL JARREAU                                  MORNIN'                                                        
17   AL JARREAU                                  ROOF GARDEN                                                    
18   ALAN PARSONS PROJECT                        DON'T ANSWER ME                                                
19   ALAN PARSONS PROJECT                        OLD AND WISE                                                   
20   ALEXANDER O'NEAL                            CRITICIZE                                                      
21   ALEXANDER O'NEAL & CHERRELLE                NEVER KNEW LOVE LIKE THIS                                      
22   ALEXANDER O'NEIL                            FAKE                                                           
23   ALICE COOPER                                POISON                                                         
24   ALISHA                                      BABY TALK                                                      
25   ALISON MOYET                                ALL CRIED OUT                                                  
26   ALPHAVILLE                                  BIG IN JAPAN                                                   
27   ALPHAVILLE                                  FOREVER YOUNG                                                  
28   ALYSON WILLIAMS                             SLEEPTALK                                                      
29   AMAZULU                                     TOO GOOD TO BE FORGOTTEN                                       
30   ANDR?HAZES                                 EEN BEETJE VERLIEFD                                            
31   ANDR?HAZES                                 ZEG MAAR NIETS MEER                                            
32   ANITA MEYER                                 WHY TELL ME WHY                                                
33   ANNIE LENNOX & AL GREEN                     PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART                                
34   ARETHA FRANKLIN                             FREEWAY OF LOVE                                                
35   ARETHA FRANKLIN & GEORGE MICHAEL            I KNEW YOU WERE WAITING                                        
36   ART OF NOISE                                MOMENTS IN LOVE (LONG)                                         
37   ARTHUR BAKER & BACKBEAT DISIPLES & AL GREEN THE MESSAGE IS LOVE                                            
38   ASHFORD & SIMPSON                           SOLID                                                          
39   ASWAD                                       DON'T TURN AROUND                                              
40   AZOTO                                       SAN SALVADOR                                                   
41   B-52'S                                      LOVE SHACK                                                     
42   BANANARAMA                                  VENUS                                                          
43   BANANARAMA & FUN BOY THREE                  IT AIN'T WHAT YOU DO, IT'S THE WAY THAT YOU DO IT              
44   BAND AID ALL                                DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS                                    
45   BANGLES                                     ETERNAL FLAME                                                  
46   BANGLES                                     MANIC MONDAY                                                   
47   BANGLES                                     WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN                                          
48   BAP                                         KRISTALLNAACH                                                  
49   BARBARA DICKSON & ELAINE PAIGE              I KNOW HIM SO WELL                                             
50   BARBRA STREISAND                            WOMAN IN LOVE                                                  
51   BARBRA STREISAND & DON JOHNSON              TILL I LOVED YOU                                               
52   BARRY BIGGS                                 LOVE COME DOWN                                                 
53   BB & Q BAND                                 GENIE                                                          
54   BB&Q BAND                                   ON THE BEAT (LONG)                                             
55   BEASTIE BOYS                                (YOU GOTTA) FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT (TO PARTY)                    
56   BEASTIE BOYS                                NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN                                         
57   BEE GEES                                    YOU WIN AGAIN                                                  
58   BELINDA CARLISLE                            HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH                                     
59   BELINDA CARLISLE                            LEAVE A LIGHT ON                                               
60   BENNY NEYMAN                                VRIJGEZEL                                                      
61   BENNY NEYMAN                                WAAROM FLUISTER IK JE NAAM NOG                                 
62   BERLIN                                      TAKE MY BREATH AWAY                                            
63   BETTE MIDLER                                BEAST OF BURDEN                                                
64   BIG COUNTRY                                 LOOK AWAY                                                      
65   BILL MEDLEY & JENNIFER WARNES               (I'VE HAD) THE TIME OF MY LIFE                                 
66   BILL WITHERS                                LOVELY DAY                                                     
67   BILL WITHERS & GROOVER WASHINGTON           JUST THE TWO OF US                                             
68   BILLY IDOL                                  EYES WITHOUT A FACE                                            
69   BILLY IDOL                                  HOT IN THE CITY                                                
70   BILLY IDOL                                  SWEET SIXTEEN                                                  
71   BILLY JOEL                                  GOODNIGHT SAIGON                                               
72   BILLY JOEL                                  LENINGRAD                                                      
73   BILLY JO蕎                                  UPTOWN GIRL                                                    
74   BILLY JO蕎                                  WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE                                       
75   BILLY OCEAN                                 CARIBBEAN QUEEN                                                
76   BILLY OCEAN                                 LOVERBOY                                                       
77   BILLY OCEAN                                 SUDDENLY                                                       
78   BILLY OCEAN                                 THERE'LL BE SAD SONGS (TO MAKE YOU CRY)                        
79   BILLY OCEAN                                 WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING                 
80   BILLY PRESTON & SYREETA                     WITH YOU I'M BORN AGAIN                                        
81   BLACK                                       WONDERFUL LIFE                                                 
82   BLACK SLATE                                 AMIGO                                                          
83   BLOEM                                       EVEN AAN MIJN MOEDER VRAGEN                                    
84   BLONDIE                                     RAPTURE                                                        
85   BLOW MONKEYS                                DIGGIN YOUR SCENE                                              
86   BOB GELDOF                                  THIS IS THE WORLD CALLING                                      
87   BOB MARLEY                                  COULD YOU BE LOVED                                             
88   BOB MARLEY & WAILERS                        ONE LOVE (PEOPLE GET READY)                                    
89   BOB MARLEY & WAILERS                        WAITING IN VAIN                                                
90   BOBBY BROWN                                 EVERY LITTLE STEP                                              
91   BOBBY BROWN                                 MY PREROGATIVE                                                 
92   BOBBY MCFERRIN                              DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY                                          
93   BOBBY THURSTON                              YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES                                          
94   BOMB THE BASS & MAUREEN                     SAY A LITTLE PRAYER                                            
95   BON JOVI                                    BAD MEDICINE                                                   
96   BON JOVI                                    I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU                                          
97   BON JOVI                                    LIVIN' ON A PRAYER                                             
98   BON JOVI                                    WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE                                           
99   BON JOVI                                    YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME                                       
100  BONEY M.                                    KALIMBA DE LUNA                                                
101  BONNIE TYLER                                TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART                                     
102  BORIS GARDINER                              I WANNA WAKE UP WITH YOU                                       
103  BOSTON                                      AMANDA                                                         
104  BOW WOW WOW                                 DO YOU WANNA HOLD ME                                           
105  BOY GEORGE                                  EVERYTHING I OWN                                               
106  BOYS TOWN GANG                              CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU                                     
107  BREAKFAST CLUB                              RIGHT ON TRACK                                                 
108  BRONSKI BEAT                                SMALLTOWN BOY                                                  
109  BRONSKI BEAT                                WHY                                                            
110  BROTHERS JOHNSON                            STOMP                                                          
111  BRUCE HORNSBY & THE RANGE                   THE WAY IT IS                                                  
112  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN                           BORN IN THE U.S.A.                                             
113  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN                           BRILLIANT DISGUISE                                             
114  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN                           DANCING IN THE DARK                                            
115  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN                           GLORY DAYS                                                     
116  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN                           I'M ON FIRE                                                    
117  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN                           MY HOMETOWN                                                    
118  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN                           THE RIVER                                                      
119  BRYAN ADAMS                                 IT'S ONLY LOVE                                                 
120  BRYAN ADAMS                                 RUN TO YOU                                                     
121  BRYAN FERRY                                 DON'T STOP THE DANCE                                           
122  BRYAN FERRY                                 SLAVE TO LOVE                                                  
123  BRYAN FERRY & ROXY MUSIC                    OVER YOU                                                       
124  CAMEO                                       CANDY                                                          
125  CAMEO                                       WORD UP                                                        
126  CANDY DULFER & DAVE STEWART                 LILY WAS HERE                                                  
127  CAPTAIN SENSIBLE                            WOT                                                            
128  CARLOS SANTANA & WILLIE NELSON              THEY ALL WENT TO MEXICO                                        
129  CARLY SIMON                                 COMING AROUND AGAIN                                            
130  CARLY SIMON                                 IT'S HARD TO BE TENDER                                         
131  CHAKA KHAN                                  I FEEL FOR YOU                                                 
132  CHAKA KHAN                                  I'M EVERY WOMAN                                                
133  CHAKA KHAN                                  THIS IS MY NIGHT                                               
134  CHAMPAIGN                                   HOW 'BOUT US                                                   
135  CHANGE                                      A LOVER'S HOLIDAY                                              
136  CHANGE                                      CHANGE OF HEART                                                
137  CHANGE                                      LETS GO TOGETHER                                               
138  CHARLENE                                    I'VE NEVER BEEN TO ME                                          
139  CHER                                        IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME                                      
140  CHICAGO                                     HARD TO SAY I'M SORRY                                          
141  CHICAGO                                     YOU'RE THE INSPIRATION                                         
142  CHINA CRISES                                WISHFULL THINKING                                              
143  CHRIS DE BURGH                              THE LADY IN RED                                                
144  CHRIS ISAAK                                 BLUE HOTEL                                                     
145  CHRIS NORMAN                                MIDNIGHT LADY                                                  
146  CHRIS REA                                   I CAN HEAR YOUR HEART BEAT                                     
147  CHRIS REA                                   JOSEPHINE                                                      
148  CHRIS REA                                   ON THE BEACH                                                   
149  CHRISTIANS                                  HARVEST FOR THE WORLD                                          
150  CHRISTOPHER CROSS                           SAILING                                                        
151  CIRCUS CUSTERS                              MONICA                                                         
152  CLANNAD                                     THEME FROM HARRY'S GAME                                        
153  CLANNAD & BONO                              IN A LIFETIME                                                  
154  CLARENCE CLEMONS & JACKSON BROWNE           YOU'RE A FRIEND OF MINE                                        
155  CLASS ACTION                                WEEKEND                                                        
156  CLIMIE FISHER                               RISE TO THE OCCASION                                           
157  CLINT EASTWOOD & GENERAL SAINT              STOP THAT TRAIN                                                
158  COCK ROBIN                                  THE PROMISE YOU MADE                                           
159  COLONEL ABRAMS                              TRAPPED                                                        
160  COMMODORES                                  GOIN' TO THE BANK                                              
161  COMMODORES                                  NIGHTSHIFT                                                     
162  COMMUNARDS                                  DON'T LEAVE ME THIS WAY                                        
163  COOL NOTES                                  SPEND THE NIGHT                                                
164  CROWDED HOUSE                               BETTER BE HOME SOON                                            
165  CROWDED HOUSE                               DON'T DREAM IT'S OVER                                          
166  CROWDED HOUSE                               INTO TEMPTATION                                                
167  CULTURE CLUB                                DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME                                  
168  CULTURE CLUB                                TIME (CLOCK OF THE HEART)                                      
169  CURE                                        A FOREST                                                       
170  CURE                                        BOYS DON'T CRY                                                 
171  CURE                                        INBETWEEN DAYS                                                 
172  CURE                                        LULLABY                                                        
173  CYNDI LAUPER                                GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN                                    
174  CYNDI LAUPER                                TIME AFTER TIME                                                
175  CYNDI LAUPER                                TRUE COLORS                                                    
176  DALE                                        SIMON SIMON                                                    
177  DAN HARTMAN                                 RELIGHT MY FIRE                                                
178  DAN HARTMAN                                 WE ARE THE YOUNG                                               
179  DAN HILL & VONDA SHEPHERD                   CAN'T WE TRY                                                   
180  DANIEL SAHULEKA                             WAKE UP                                                        
181  DAVID BOWIE                                 ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS                                             
182  DAVID BOWIE                                 ASHES TO ASHES                                                 
183  DAVID BOWIE                                 CHINA GIRL                                                     
184  DAVID BOWIE                                 LET'S DANCE                                                    
185  DAVID BOWIE                                 THIS IS NOT AMERICA                                            
186  DAVID BOWIE & MICK JAGGER                   DANCING IN THE STREET                                          
187  DAVID GRANT & JAKI GRAHAM                   COULD IT BE I'M FALLING IN LOVE                                
188  DAVID GRANT & JAKI GRAHAM                   MATED                                                          
189  DAYTON                                      THE SOUND OF MUSIC                                             
190  DAZZ BAND                                   LET IT ALL BLOW                                                
191  DE DIJK                                     IK KAN HET NIET ALLEEN                                         
192  DE DIJK                                     MAG HET LICHT UIT                                              
193  DE DIJK                                     NERGENS GOED VOOR                                              
194  DE LA SOUL                                  ME MYSELF AND I                                                
195  DE LA SOUL                                  SAY NO GO                                                      
196  DEAD OR ALIVE                               YOU SPIN ME ROUND                                              
197  DEBARGE                                     RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT                                            
198  DELEGATION                                  PUT A LITTLE LOVE ON ME                                        
199  DENIECE WILLIAMS                            IT'S YOUR CONSCIENCE                                           
200  DENNIS EDWARDS & SIEDAH GARRETT             DON'T LOOK ANY FURTHER                                         
201  DEPECHE MODE                                JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH (LIVE)                                   
202  DEPECHE MODE                                PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE                                              
203  DETROIT SPINNERS                            WORKING MY WAY BACK TO YOU                                     
204  DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS                     COME ON EILEEN                                                 
205  DIANA ROSS                                  I'M COMING OUT                                                 
206  DIANA ROSS                                  UPSIDE DOWN                                                    
207  DIMITRI VAN TOREN & FLAIRCK                 H?KOM AAN                                                     
208  DIONNE WARWICK                              ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD                                      
209  DIRE STRAITS                                BROTHERS IN ARMS                                               
210  DIRE STRAITS                                MONEY FOR NOTHING                                              
211  DIRE STRAITS                                PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS                                         
212  DIRE STRAITS                                WALK OF LIFE                                                   
213  DOE MAAR                                    DE BOM                                                         
214  DOE MAAR                                    DORIS DAY                                                      
215  DOE MAAR                                    IS DIT ALLES                                                   
216  D淣 (TAUCHEN-PROKOPETZ)                     CODO (D郿E IM SAUSESCHRITT)                                    
217  DOLLY DOTS                                  LOVE ME JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE                                 
218  DOLLY PARTON                                I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU                                         
219  DOLLY PARTON                                YOU ARE                                                        
220  DON HENLEY                                  THE BOYS OF SUMMER                                             
221  DON JOHNSON                                 HEARTBEAT                                                      
222  DONNA ALLEN                                 JOY AND PAIN                                                   
223  DONNA ALLEN                                 SERIOUS                                                        
224  DONNA SUMMER                                STATE OF INDEPENDENCE                                          
225  DONNA SUMMER                                THIS TIME I KNOW IT'S FOR REAL                                 
226  DOOBIE BROTHERS                             WHAT A FOOL BELIEVES                                           
227  DOUBLE TROUBLE & REBEL MC                   STREET TUFF                                                    
228  DOUGH E FRESH & THE GET FRESH CREW          THE SHOW                                                       
229  DRUKWERK                                    JE LOOG TEGEN MIJ                                              
230  D-TRAIN                                     MUSIC                                                          
231  DURAN DURAN                                 IS THERE SOMETHING I SHOULD KNOW                               
232  DURAN DURAN                                 NOTORIOUS                                                      
233  DURAN DURAN                                 THE REFLEX                                                     
234  DURAN DURAN                                 WILD BOYS                                                      
235  DUSTY SPRINGFIELD                           NOTHING HAS BEEN PROVED                                        
236  EARTH & FIRE                                WEEKEND                                                        
237  EARTH, WIND AND FIRE                        LET'S GROOVE                                                   
238  EDDY GRANT                                  DO YOU FEEL MY LOVE                                            
239  EDDY GRANT                                  GIMME HOPE JO'ANNA                                             
240  EDDY GRANT                                  I DON'T WANNA DANCE                                            
241  EG DAILY                                    SAY IT SAY IT                                                  
242  EL DEBARGE                                  WHO'S JOHNNY                                                   
243  ELLIS, BEGGS & HOWARD                       BIG BUBBLES, NO TROUBLES                                       
244  ELTON JOHN                                  I'M STILL STANDING                                             
245  ELTON JOHN                                  NIKITA                                                         
246  ELVIS COSTELLO                              GOOD YEAR FOR THE ROSES                                        
247  ELVIS COSTELLO                              I WANT YOU                                                     
248  EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER                      PETER GUNN                                                     
249  ENYA                                        ORINOCO FLOW                                                   
250  ERASURE                                     SOMETIMES                                                      
251  ERIC B. & RAKIM                             PAID IN FULL                                                   
252  ERIC CLAPTON                                FOREVER MAN                                                    
253  ERIC CLAPTON                                PRETENDING                                                     
254  ERIC CLAPTON                                WONDERFUL TONIGHT                                              
255  ERIK MESIE                                  ZONDER JOU                                                     
256  EROS RAMAZOTTI                              MUSICA E                                                       
257  EROS RAMAZZOTTI                             MA CHE BELLO QUESTO AMORE                                      
258  EUROPE                                      CARRIE                                                         
259  EUROPE                                      THE FINAL COUNTDOWN                                            
260  EURYTHMICS                                  SEX CRIME (1984)                                               
261  EURYTHMICS                                  SWEET DREAMS (ARE MADE OF THIS)                                
263  EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL                     EACH AND EVERYONE                                              
264  F.R. DAVID                                  WORDS                                                          
265  FALCO                                       DER KOMMISSAR                                                  
266  FALCO                                       JEANNY (PART 1)                                                
267  FARLEY JACKMASTER FUNK                      LOVE CAN'T TURN AROUND                                         
268  FEARGAL SHARKEY                             A GOOD HEART                                                   
269  FICTION FACTORY                             (FEELS LIKE) HEAVEN                                            
270  FINE YOUNG CANNABALS                        SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY                                            
271  FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS                        GOOD THING                                                     
272  FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS                        JOHNNY COME HOME                                               
273  FIRST CHOICE                                LET NO MAN PUT ASUNDER                                         
274  FISCHER Z                                   SO LONG                                                        
275  FIVE STAR                                   ALL FALL DOWN                                                  
276  FIVE STAR                                   LET ME BE THE ONE                                              
277  FLASH & THE PAN                             MIDNIGHT MAN                                                   
278  FLASH & THE PAN                             WAITING FOR A TRAIN                                            
279  FLEETWOOD MAC                               AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW                                          
280  FLEETWOOD MAC                               BIG LOVE                                                       
281  FLEETWOOD MAC                               LITTLE LIES                                                    
282  FLEETWOOD MAC                               SARA                                                           
283  FORECAST                                    HAPPY DAYS                                                     
284  FOREIGNER                                   I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS                                    
285  FOREIGNER                                   SAY YOU WILL                                                   
286  FOREIGNER                                   THAT WAS YESTERDAY                                             
287  FOREIGNER                                   WAITING FOR A GIRL LIKE YOU                                    
288  FOX THE FOX                                 PRECIOUS LITTLE DIAMOND                                        
289  FRANK BOEIJEN GROEP                         KRONENBURG PARK                                                
290  FRANK BOEIJEN GROEP                         LINDA                                                          
291  FRANK BOEIJEN GROEP                         ZWART WIT                                                      
292  FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD                   THE POWER OF LOVE                                              
293  FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD                   TWO TRIBES                                                     
294  FRANKIE SMITH                               DOUBLE DUTCH BUS                                               
295  FREDDIE AGUILAR                             ANAK                                                           
296  FREEEZ                                      I.O.U.                                                         
297  FREIHEIT                                    PLAY IT COOL                                                   
298  FULL FORCE                                  ALICE I WANT YOU JUST FOR ME                                   
299  FUN FUN                                     HAPPY STATION                                                  
300  GAP BAND                                    BURN RUBBER (WHY YOU WANNA HURT ME)                            
301  GARY BYRD & GB EXPERIENCE                   THE CROWN                                                      
302  GARY LOW                                    LA COLEGIALA                                                   
303  GARY MOORE & PHIL LYNOTT                    OUT IN THE FIELDS                                              
304  GAZEBO                                      I LIKE CHOPIN (ORIGINEEL)                                      
305  GEIER STURZFLUG                             BRUTTOSOZIALPRODUKT                                            
306  GENESIS                                     LAND OF CONFUSION                                              
307  GENESIS                                     MAMA                                                           
308  GEORGE BENSON                               GIVE ME THE NIGHT                                              
309  GEORGE BENSON                               KISSES IN THE MOONLIGHT                                        
310  GEORGE HARRISON                             GOT MY MIND SET ON YOU                                         
311  GEORGE MICHAEL                              A DIFFERENT CORNER                                             
312  GEORGE MICHAEL                              CARELESS WHISPER (SINGLE VERSIE)                               
313  GEORGE MICHAEL                              FAITH                                                          
314  GEORGE MICHAEL                              FATHER FIGURE                                                  
315  GIBSON BROTHERS                             QUE SERA MI VIDA                                               
316  GINO VANNELLI                               HURTS TO BE IN LOVE                                            
317  GINO VANNELLI                               WILD HORSES                                                    
318  GIPSY KINGS                                 BAMBOLEO                                                       
319  GLENN FREY                                  THE HEAT IS ON                                                 
320  GLENN MEDEIROS                              NOTHING GONNA CHANGE MY LOVE FOR YOU                           
321  GLORIA ESTEFAN                              DON'T WANNA LOSE YOU                                           
322  GLORIA ESTEFAN                              OYE MI CANTO (HEAR MY VOICE)                                   
323  GLORIA ESTEFAN & MIAMI SOUND MACHINE        CAN'T STAY AWAY FROM YOU                                       
324  GLORIA ESTEFAN & MIAMI SOUND MACHINE        RHYTHM IS GONNA GET YOU                                        
325  GODLEY & CREME                              A LITTLE PEACE OF HEAVEN                                       
326  GOLDEN EARRING                              TWILIGHT ZONE                                                  
327  GOLDEN EARRING                              WHEN THE LADY SMILES                                           
328  GRACE JONES                                 LA VIE EN ROSE                                                 
329  GRACE JONES                                 SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM                                            
330  GRANDMASTER FLASH & THE FURIOUS FIVE        THE MESSAGE                                                    
331  GREG KIHN BAND                              JEOPARDY                                                       
332  GREGORY ABBOTT                              SHAKE YOU DOWN                                                 
333  GUNS N' ROSES                               PARADISE CITY                                                  
334  GUNS N' ROSES                               PATIENCE                                                       
335  GUNS N' ROSES                               SWEET CHILD O'MINE                                             
336  GWEN GUTHRIE                                AIN'T NOTHIN' GOIN' ON BUT THE RENT                            
337  GWEN MCCRAE                                 KEEP THE FIRE BURNING                                          
338  HALL & OATES                                I CAN'T GO FOR THAT                                            
339  HALL AND OATES                              ADULT EDUCATION                                                
340  HALL AND OATES                              MANEATER                                                       
341  HAMILTON BOHANNON                           LET'S START TO DANCE AGAIN                                     
342  HANS DE BOOIJ                               ANNABEL                                                        
343  HANS DE BOOIJ                               EEN VROUW ZOALS JIJ                                            
344  HAROLD FALTERMEYER                          AXEL F                                                         
345  HEART                                       ALONE                                                          
346  HEART                                       THESE DREAMS                                                   
347  HEAVY D & THE BOYZ                          WE GOT OUR OWN THANG                                           
348  HENNY VRIENTEN & HERMAN BROOD               ALS JE WINT HEB JE VRIENDEN                                    
349  HERB ALPERT                                 KEEP YOUR EYE ON ME                                            
350  HERB ALPERT WITH JANET JACKSON              DIAMONDS                                                       
351  HERBERT GRONEMEYER                          HALT MICH                                                      
352  HERBERT GRONEMEYER                          HALT MICH                                                      
353  HERBIE HANCOCK                              ROCK IT                                                        
354  HERMAN VAN VEEN                             TOVEREN                                                        
355  HET GOEDE DOEL                              ALLES GEPROBEERD                                               
356  HET GOEDE DOEL                              BELGI?(IS ER LEVEN OP PLUTO)                                  
357  HET GOEDE DOEL                              NOODUITGANG (LIVE)                                             
358  HET GOEDE DOEL                              VRIENDSCHAP                                                    
359  HET GOEDE DOEL                              ZWIJGEN                                                        
360  HI-GLOSS                                    YOU'LL NEVER KNOW                                              
361  HOLLY JOHNSON                               AMERICANOS                                                     
362  HOOTERS                                     SATELLITE                                                      
363  HOT CHOCOLATE                               IT STARTED WITH A KISS                                         
364  HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS                       HIP TO BE SQUARE                                               
365  HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS                     THE POWER OF LOVE                                              
366  HUGH MASEKELA                               DON'T GO LOSE IT BABY                                          
367  HUMAN LEAGUE                                DON'T YOU WANT ME                                              
368  HUMAN LEAGUE                                THE LEBANON                                                    
369  HUMANOID                                    STAKKER HUMANOID                                               
370  ICEHOUSE                                    CRAZY                                                          
371  ICEHOUSE                                    HEY LITTLE GIRL                                                
372  IMAGINATION                                 BODY TALK (LONG)                                               
373  IMAGINATION                                 JUST AN ILLUSION                                               
374  IN TUA NUA                                  SEVEN IN TO THE SEA                                            
375  INDEEP                                      LAST NIGHT A DJ SAVED MY LIFE                                  
376  INNER CITY                                  BIG FUN                                                        
377  INNER CITY                                  GOOD LIFE                                                      
378  INXS                                        NEED YOU TONIGHT                                               
379  INXS                                        NEVER TEAR US APART                                            
380  INXS                                        NEW SENSATION                                                  
381  INXS                                        ORIGINAL SIN                                                   
382  IRON MAIDEN                                 CAN I PLAY WITH MADNESS                                        
383  IRON MAIDEN                                 STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND                                     
384  IRON MAIDEN                                 WASTED YEARS                                                   
385  ISLEY JASPER ISLEY                          CARAVAN OF LOVE                                                
386  J. GEILS BAND                               CENTERFOLD                                                     
387  JACKSONS & MICK JAGGER                      STATE OF SHOCK                                                 
388  JAKI GRAHAM                                 SET ME FREE                                                    
389  JAMES BROWN                                 LIVING IN AMERICA                                              
390  JAMES BROWN & FULL FORCE                    I'M REAL                                                       
391  JAMES INGRAM & MICHAEL MCDONALD             YAH MO B THERE                                                 
392  JAN HAMMER                                  CROCKETT'S THEME                                               
393  JANET JACKSON                               CONTROL                                                        
394  JANET JACKSON                               LET'S WAIT AWHILE                                              
395  JANET JACKSON                               NASTY                                                          
396  JANET JACKSON                               WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY                               
397  JANET JACKSON                               WHEN I THINK OF YOU                                            
398  JANIS IAN                                   FLY TOO HIGH                                                   
399  JELLYBEAN                                   JINGO                                                          
400  JELLYBEAN & STEVEN DANTE                    THE REAL THING                                                 
401  JENNIFER RUSH                               THE POWER OF LOVE                                              
402  JENNY BURTON                                BAD HABITS                                                     
403  JERMAINE JACKSON & PIA ZADORA               WHEN THE RAIN BEGINS TO FALL                                   
404  JERMAINE STEWART                            WE DON'T HAVE TO TAKE OUR CLOTHES OF                           
405  JIM CAPALDI                                 SOMETHING SO STRONG                                            
406  JIM DIAMOND                                 I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER                                     
407  JIMMY CLIFF                                 REGGAE NIGHT                                                   
408  JIMMY CLIFF                                 TREAT THE YOUTHS RIGHT                                         
409  JM SILK & STEVE 'SILK' HURLEY               JACK YOUR BODY                                                 
410  JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS                 I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL                                           
411  JOCELYN BROWN                               SOMEBODY ELSE'S GUY                                            
412  JODY WATLEY                                 LOOKING FOR A NEW LOVE                                         
413  JODY WATLEY                                 REAL LOVE                                                      
414  JOE COCKER                                  UNCHAIN MY HAERT                                               
415  JOE COCKER                                  WHEN THE NIGHT COMES                                           
416  JOE JACKSON                                 IS SHE REALLY GOING OUT WITH HIM                               
417  JOE JACKSON                                 REAL MEN                                                       
418  JOE JACKSON & ELAINE CASWELL                HAPPY ENDING                                                   
419  JOE JACKSON BAND                            THE HARDER THEY COME                                           
420  JOE SMOOTH                                  PROMISED LAND                                                  
421  JOHN FARNHAM                                YOU'RE THE VOICE                                               
422  JOHN HIATT                                  HAVE A LITTLE FAITH IN ME                                      
423  JOHN LENNON & PLASTIC ONO BAND              IMAGINE                                                        
424  JOHN MILES                                  MUSIC                                                          
425  JOHNNY HATES JAZZ                           I DON'T WANT TO BE A HERO                                      
426  JOHNNY HATES JAZZ                           SHATTERED DREAMS                                               
427  JOHNNY HATES JAZZ                           TURN BACK THE CLOCK                                            
428  JOHNNY LOGAN                                HOLD ME NOW                                                    
429  JOHNNY LOGAN                                WHAT'S ANOTHER YEAR                                            
430  JON & VANGELIS                              I'LL FIND MY WAY HOME                                          
431  JOYCE SIMS                                  COME INTO MY LIFE                                              
432  JUAN PARDO                                  NO ME HABLES                                                   
433  JUDDS                                       WHY NOT ME                                                     
434  JULIO IGLESIAS & STEVIE WONDER              MY LOVE                                                        
435  JULIO IGLESIAS AND WILLIE NELSON            TO ALL THE GIRLS I'VE LOVED BEFORE                             
436  JUNE LODGE                                  MORE THAN I CAN SAY                                            
437  JUNE LODGE & PRINCE MOHAMMED                SOMEONE LOVES YOU HONEY                                        
438  KADANZ                                      IN HET DONKER                                                  
439  KADANZ                                      INTIMITEIT                                                     
440  KAJAGOOGOO                                  TOO SHY                                                        
441  KAOMA                                       LAMBADA                                                        
442  KATE BUSH                                   CLOUDBUSTING                                                   
443  KATE BUSH                                   RUNNING UP THAT HILL (A DEAL WITH GOD)                         
444  KATE BUSH & PETER GABRIEL                   DON'T GIVE UP                                                  
445  KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND                      GIVE IT UP                                                     
446  KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND                      PLEASE DON'T GO                                                
447  KENNY G                                     SONGBIRD                                                       
448  KENNY ROGERS AND DOLLY PARTON               ISLANDS IN THE STREAM                                          
449  KID CREOLA AND THE COCONUTS                 ANNIE I'M NOT YOUR DADDY                                       
450  KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS                   STOOL PIGEON                                                   
451  KILLING JOKE                                LOVE LIKE BLOOD                                                
452  KIM WILDE                                   CAMBODIA                                                       
453  KIM WILDE                                   KIDS IN AMERICA                                                
454  KIM WILDE                                   YOU CAME                                                       
455  KING                                        LOVE AND PRIDE                                                 
456  KITTY GRANT                                 GLAD TO KNOW YOU                                               
457  KLEIN ORKEST                                LAAT MIJ MAAR ALLEEN                                           
458  KLEIN ORKEST                                OVER DE MUUR                                                   
459  KLYMAXX                                     I MISS YOU                                                     
460  KOOL & THE GANG                             CELEBRATION                                                    
461  KOOL & THE GANG                             CHERISH                                                        
462  KOOL & THE GANG                             FRESH                                                          
463  KOOL & THE GANG                             GET DOWN ON IT                                                 
464  KOOL & THE GANG                             LADIES NIGHT                                                   
465  KOOL & THE GANG                             LET'S GO DANCING                                               
466  KOOS ALBERTS                                ZIJN HET JE OGEN                                               
467  KORGIS                                      EVERYBODY'S GOTTA LEARN SOMETIME                               
468  L.T.D.                                      SHINE ON                                                       
469  LABI SIFFRE                                 (SOMETHING INSIDE) SO STRONG                                   
470  LAID BACK                                   SUNSHINE REGGAE                                                
471  LAKESIDE                                    FANTASTIC VOYAGE                                               
472  LATOYA JACKSON                              IF YOU FEEL THE FUNK                                           
473  LAURA BRANIGAN                              SELF CONTROL                                                   
474  LENNY KRAVITZ                               LET LOVE RULE                                                  
475  LEO SAYER                                   ORCHARD ROAD                                                   
476  LEVEL 42                                    LESSONS IN LOVE                                                
477  LEVEL 42                                    LOVE GAMES                                                     
478  LEVEL 42                                    RUNNING IN THE FAMILY                                          
479  LEVEL 42                                    SOMETHING ABOUT YOU                                            
480  LEVERT                                      CASANOVA                                                       
481  LIL' LOUIS                                  FRENCH KISS                                                    
482  LIME                                        YOUR LOVE                                                      
483  LIMIT                                       SAY YEAH                                                       
484  LINDA LEWIS                                 CLASS STYLE                                                    
485  LINDA RONSTADT & FT.AARON NEVILLE           DON'T KNOW MUCH                                                
486  LIONEL RICHIE                               ALL NIGHT LONG (ALL NIGHT)                                     
487  LIONEL RICHIE                               BALLERINA GIRL                                                 
488  LIONEL RICHIE                               DANCING ON THE CEILING                                         
489  LIONEL RICHIE                               HELLO                                                          
490  LIONEL RICHIE                               RUNNING WITH THE NIGHT                                         
491  LIONEL RICHIE                               SELA                                                           
492  LIONEL RICHIE & DIANA ROSS                  ENDLESS LOVE                                                   
493  LIPPS INC.                                  FUNKY TOWN                                                     
494  LISA STANSFIELD                             ALL AROUND THE WORLD                                           
495  LITTLE STEVEN & RUBEN BLADES                BITTER FRUIT                                                   
496  LIVING COLOUR                               GLAMOUR BOYS                                                   
497  LIVING IN A BOX                             LIVING IN A BOX                                                
498  LIVING IN A BOX                             ROOM IN YOUR HEART                                             
499  LL COOL J                                   I NEED LOVE                                                    
500  LO餱 LANE                                   IT'S THE FIRST TIME                                            
501  LO餱 LANE                                   MY BEST FRIEND                                                 
502  LONDON BEAT                                 FAILING IN LOVE AGAIN                                          
503  LONG JOHN BALDRY                            (WALK ME OUT IN THE) MORNING DEW                               
504  LOOSE ENDS                                  HANGING ON A STRING                                            
505  LOVE UNLIMITED                              I'M SO GLAD I'M A WOMAN                                        
506  MAC BAND & MCCAMBELL BROTHERS               ROSES ARE RED                                                  
507  MADNESS                                     BAGGY TROUSERS                                                 
508  MADNESS                                     EMBARRESSMENT                                                  
509  MADNESS                                     NIGHT BOAT TO CAIRO                                            
510  MADNESS                                     ONE STEP BEYOND                                                
511  MADONNA                                     HOLIDAY                                                        
512  MADONNA                                     INTO THE GROOVE                                                
513  MADONNA                                     LA ISLA BONITA                                                 
514  MADONNA                                     LIKE A VIRGIN                                                  
515  MADONNA                                     MATERIAL GIRL                                                  
516  MAI TAI                                     FEMALE INTUITION                                               
517  MAI TAI                                     HISTORY                                                        
518  MARC ALMOND                                 SOMETHING'S GOTTEN HOLD OF MY HEART                            
519  MARC ALMOND                                 TEARS RUN RINGS                                                
520  MARGRIET ESHUIJS BAND                       BLACK PEARL                                                    
521  MARILLION                                   KAYLEIGH                                                       
522  MARILYN MARTIN                              MOVE CLOSER                                                    
523  MARK KNOPFLER                               GOING HOME (THEME OF THE LOCAL HERO)                           
524  MARRS                                       PUMP UP THE VOLUME                                             
525  MARVIN GAYE                                 (SEXUAL) HEALING                                               
526  MARY JANE GIRLS                             IN MY HOUSE                                                    
527  MASQUERADE                                  GUARDIAN ANGEL                                                 
528  MATIA BAZAR                                 TI SENTO                                                       
529  MATT BIANCO                                 WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON                                          
530  MATTHEW WILDER                              BREAK MY STRIDE                                                
531  MAX & SPECS                                 DON'T COME STONED AND DON'T TELL TRUDE                         
532  MAXI PRIEST                                 WILD WORLD                                                     
533  MAYWOOD                                     RIO                                                            
534  MC MIKER G & DJ SVEN                        HOLIDAY RAP                                                    
535  MEAT LOAF                                   PARADISE BY THE DASHBOARD LIGHT                                
536  MEL & KIM                                   SHOWING OUT                                                    
537  MELISSA ETHERIDGE                           LIKE THE WAY I DO                                              
538  MEN AT WORK                                 DOWN UNDER                                                     
539  MEN WITHOUT HATS                            THE SAFETY DANCE                                               
540  MEZZOFORTE                                  GARDEN PARTY                                                   
541  MIAMI SOUND MACHINE                         CONGA                                                          
542  MICHAEL JACKSON                             BAD                                                            
543  MICHAEL JACKSON                             BEAT IT                                                        
544  MICHAEL JACKSON                             BILLIE JEAN                                                    
545  MICHAEL JACKSON                             LIBERIAN GIRL                                                  
546  MICHAEL JACKSON                             MAN IN THE MIRROR                                              
547  MICHAEL JACKSON                             OFF THE WALL                                                   
548  MICHAEL JACKSON                             SHE'S OUT OF MY LIFE                                           
549  MICHAEL JACKSON                             SMOOTH CRIMINAL                                                
550  MICHAEL JACKSON                             THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL                                       
551  MICHAEL JACKSON                             THRILLER                                                       
552  MICHAEL JACKSON                             WANNE BE STARTIN' SOMETHIN'                                    
553  MICHAEL JACKSON & PAUL MCCARTNEY            THE GIRL IS MINE                                               
554  MICHAEL MCDONALD                            SWEET FREEDOM                                                  
555  MICK JAGGER                                 JUST ANOTHER NIGHT                                             
556  MICK JAGGER                                 LET'S WORK                                                     
557  MIDGE URE                                   IF I WAS                                                       
558  MIDNIGHT OIL                                BEDS ARE BURNING                                               
559  MIDNIGHT STAR                               MIDAS TOUCH                                                    
560  MIKE & THE MECHANICS                        LIVING YEARS                                                   
561  MIKE ANTHONY                                WHY CAN'T WE LIVE TOGETHER                                     
562  MIKE OLDFIELD & MAGGIE REILLY               MOONLIGHT SHADOW                                               
563  MIKE OLDFIELD & MAGGIE REILLY               TO FRANCE                                                      
564  MINK DEVILLE                                DEMASIADO CORAZON                                              
565  MIQUEL BROWN                                CLOSE TO PERFECTION                                            
566  MIQUEL BROWN                                SO MANY MEN SO LITTLE TIME                                     
567  MODERN TALKING                              YOU CAN WIN IF YOU WANT                                        
568  MODERN TALKING                              YOU'RE MY HEART YOU'RE MY SOUL                                 
569  MONYAKA                                     GO DEH YAKA                                                    
570  MORY KANTE                                  YEKE YEKE                                                      
571  MOSES                                       WE JUST                                                        
572  MR MISTER                                   KYRIE                                                          
573  MR. MISTER                                  BROKEN WINGS                                                   
574  MURRAY HEAD                                 ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK                                           
575  NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN                       DIVINE EMOTIONS                                                
576  NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN & PATTI AUSTIN        GIMME GIMME GIMME                                              
577  NENA                                        99 LUFTBALLONS                                                 
578  NENA                                        IRGENDWIE, IRGENDWO, IRGENDWANN                                
579  NENA                                        NUR GETR勸MT                                                   
580  NENEH CHERRY                                BUFFALO STANCE                                                 
581  NENEH CHERRY                                MANCHILD                                                       
582  NEW MUSIK                                   THIS WORLD OF WATER                                            
583  NEW ORDER                                   BLUE MONDAY                                                    
584  NICOLE MCCLOUD                              DON'T YOU WANT MY LOVE                                         
585  NIK KERSHAW                                 WOULDN'T IT BE GOOD                                            
586  NITS                                        ADIEU, SWEET BAHNHOF (LIVE)                                    
587  NITS                                        IN THE DUTCH MOUNTAINS                                         
588  NITS                                        NESCIO                                                         
589  NITS                                        TUTTI RAGAZZI                                                  
590  NORMAAL                                     DEURDONDEREN                                                   
591  NORMAAL                                     NET AS GISTEREN                                                
592  NU SHOOZ                                    I CAN'T WAIT                                                   
593  ODYSSEY                                     GOING BACK TO MY ROOTS                                         
594  ODYSSEY                                     INSIDE OUT                                                     
595  ODYSSEY                                     USE IT UP AND WEAR IT OUT                                      
596  OFF                                         ELECTRICA SALSA                                                
597  OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN & ELO                    XANADU                                                         
598  OLLIE & JERRY                               BREAKIN'... THERE'S NO STOPPING US                             
599  OPUS                                        LIVE IS LIFE (LIVE)                                            
600  ORAN 'JUICE' JONES                          THE RAIN                                                       
601  ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK           LOCOMOTION                                                     
602  ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK           MAID OF ORLEANS                                                
603  OTTAWAN                                     D.I.S.C.O.                                                     
604  OTTAWAN                                     HANDS UP (GIVE ME YOUR HEART)                                  
605  OUTFIELD                                    YOUR LOVE                                                      
606  OWEN PAUL                                   MY FAVOURITE WASTE OF TIME                                     
607  PACO                                        AMOR DE MIS AMORES                                             
608  PASADENAS                                   RIDING ON A TRAIN                                              
609  PASADENAS                                   TRIBUTE (RIGHT ON)                                             
610  PAT BENATAR                                 LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD                                          
611  PATRICE RUSHEN                              FORGET ME NOTS                                                 
612  PATRICK COWLEY & SYLVESTER                  DO YOU WANNA FUNK                                              
613  PATTI AUSTIN & JAMES INGRAM                 BABY COME TO ME                                                
614  PATTI LABELLE                               RELEASE                                                        
615  PAUL CARRACK                                DON'T SHED A TEAR                                              
616  PAUL CARRACK                                I NEED YOU                                                     
617  PAUL HARDCASTLE                             19                                                             
618  PAUL HARDCASTLE                             DON'T WASTE MY TIME                                            
619  PAUL MCCARTNEY                              EBONY AND IVORY                                                
620  PAUL MCCARTNEY                              ONCE UPON A LONG AGO                                           
621  PAUL MCCARTNEY                              WE ALL STAND TOGETHER                                          
622  PAUL MCCARTNEY & WINGS                      NO MORE LONELY NIGHTS                                          
623  PAUL SIMON                                  LATE IN THE EVENING                                            
624  PAUL SIMON                                  YOU CAN CALL ME AL                                             
625  PAUL YOUNG                                  COME BACK AND STAY                                             
626  PAUL YOUNG                                  EVERYTIME YOU GO AWAY                                          
627  PAULA ABDUL                                 STRAIGHT UP                                                    
628  PEABO BRYSON & ROBERTA FLACK                TONIGHT, I CELEBRATE MY LOVE                                   
629  PEBBLES                                     GIRLFRIEND                                                     
630  PEPSI & SHIRLY                              HEARTACHE                                                      
631  PET SHOP BOYS                               SUBURBIA                                                       
632  PET SHOP BOYS                               WEST END GIRLS                                                 
633  PETE TOWNSHEND                              FACE THE FACE                                                  
634  PETER CETERA                                GLORY OF LOVE                                                  
635  PETER GABRIEL                               SLEDGEHAMMER                                                   
636  PETER MAFFAY                                軮ER SIEBEN BR軥KEN MU粲 DU GEH'N                              
637  PETER SCHILLING                             MAJOR TOM                                                      
638  PETER TOSH                                  JOHNNY B GOODE                                                 
639  PH.D                                        I WON'T LET YOU DOWN                                           
640  PHIL COLLINS                                A GROOVY KIND OF LOVE                                          
641  PHIL COLLINS                                AGAINST ALL ODDS (TAKE A LOOK OF ME NOW)                       
642  PHIL COLLINS                                ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE                                        
643  PHIL COLLINS                                IN THE AIR TONIGHT                                             
644  PHIL COLLINS                                ONE MORE NIGHT                                                 
645  PHIL COLLINS                                SUSSUDIO                                                       
646  PHIL COLLINS                                YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE                                           
647  PHIL FEARON & GALAXY                        DANCING TIGHT                                                  
648  PHIL FEARON & GALAXY                        EVERYBODY'S LAUGHING                                           
649  PHILIP BAILEY & PHIL COLLINS                EASY LOVER                                                     
650  PIGBAG                                      PAPA'S GOT A BRAND NEW PIGBAG                                  
651  PIL                                         THIS IS NOT A LOVESONG                                         
652  PINK FLOYD                                  ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL                                      
653  PLACIDO DOMINGO & JOHN DENVER               PERHAPS LOVE                                                   
654  POISON                                      EVERY ROSE HAS IT'S THORN                                      
655  POWER STATION                               SOME LIKE IT HOT                                               
656  PRETENDERS                                  2000 MILES                                                     
657  PRETENDERS                                  BACK ON THE CHAIN GANG                                         
658  PRETENDERS                                  BRASS IN POCKET                                                
659  PRETENDERS                                  DON'T GET ME WRONG                                             
660  PRETENDERS                                  I GO TO SLEEP                                                  
661  PRINCE                                      1999                                                           
662  PRINCE                                      I WOULD DIE 4 U                                                
663  PRINCE                                      IF I WAS YOUR GIRLFRIEND                                       
664  PRINCE                                      KISS                                                           
665  PRINCE                                      LET'S GO CRAZY                                                 
666  PRINCE                                      PURPLE RAIN                                                    
667  PRINCE                                      SIGN 'O' THE TIMES                                             
668  PRINCESS                                    AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE                                        
669  PRINCESS                                    SAY I'M YOUR NUMBER ONE                                        
670  PROCLAIMERS                                 LETTER FROM AMERICA                                            
671  PROPAGANDA                                  DUEL EYE TO EYE                                                
672  PUBLIC ENEMY                                FIGHT THE POWER                                                
673  QUEEN                                       A KIND OF MAGIC                                                
674  QUEEN                                       ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST                                     
675  QUEEN                                       BREAKTHRU                                                      
676  QUEEN                                       FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS                                        
677  QUEEN                                       I WANT IT ALL                                                  
678  QUEEN                                       I WANT TO BREAK FREE                                           
679  QUEEN                                       RADIO GA GA                                                    
680  QUEEN & DAVID BOWIE                         UNDER PRESSURE                                                 
681  RAMONES                                     ROCK & ROLL HIGH SCHOOL                                        
682  RANDY CRAWFORD                              KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR                                      
683  RANDY CRAWFORD                              ONE DAY I'LL FLY AWAY                                          
684  RANDY CRAWFORD                              RAINY NIGHT IN GEORGIA                                         
685  RAY, GOODMAN & BROWN                        SPECIAL LADY                                                   
686  RAYMOND VAN HET GROENEWOUD                  JE VEUX DE L'AMOUR                                             
687  READY FOR THE WORLD                         OH SHEILA                                                      
688  REAL ROXANNE                                RESPECT                                                        
689  RED BOX                                     FOR AMERICA                                                    
690  REDHEAD KINGPIN & THE F.B.I.                DO THE RIGHT THING                                             
691  REN?& ANGELA                               I'LL BE GOOD                                                   
692  REN?FROGER                                 WINTER IN AMERICA - REN?FROGER                                
693  REN?FROGER & HET GOEDE DOEL                ALLES KAN EEN MENS GELUKKIG MAKEN                              
694  REN噞                                       HIGH TIME HE WENT                                              
695  REO SPEEDWAGON                              KEEP ON LOVING YOU                                             
696  REVELATION TIME                             SOUTH AFRICA                                                   
697  RHEINGOLD                                   DREIKLANGSDIMENSIONEN                                          
698  RICCARDO COCCIANTE                          SINCERITA                                                      
699  RICHARD MARX                                RIGHT HERE WAITING                                             
700  RICK ASTLEY                                 NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP                                        
701  RICK JAMES                                  GLOW                                                           
702  RICK JAMES                                  LOOSEY'S RAP                                                   
703  RICK JAMES                                  SUPER FREAK                                                    
704  RIGHEIRA                                    VAMOS ?LA PLAYA                                               
705  RITA COOLIDGE                               ALL TIME HIGH                                                  
706  RITA MARLEY                                 ONE DRAW                                                       
707  ROACHFORD                                   CUDDLY TOY                                                     
708  ROB BASE & DJ EZ ROCK                       GET ON THE DANCE FLOOR                                         
709  ROB DE NIJS                                 ALLES WAT ADEMT                                                
710  ROB DE NIJS                                 ZONDER JOU                                                     
711  ROB 'N' RAZ & LEILA K                       GOT TO GET                                                     
712  ROBBIE NEVIL                                C'EST LA VIE                                                   
713  ROBBIE ROBERTSON                            SOMEWHERE DOWN THE CRAZY RIVER                                 
714  ROBERT CRAY BAND                            RIGHT NEXT DOOR                                                
715  ROBERT PALMER                               ADDICTED TO LOVE                                               
716  ROBERT PALMER                               CAN WE STILL BE FRIENDS                                        
717  ROBERT PLANT                                BIG LOG                                                        
718  ROBERTO JACKETTI & THE SCOOTERS             I SAVE THE DAY                                                 
719  ROBIN BECK                                  FIRST TIME                                                     
720  ROCK STEADY CREW                            (HEY YOU) ROCK STEADY CREW                                     
721  ROCKERS REVENGE                             WALKING ON SUNSHINE                                            
722  ROD STEWART                                 EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART                                         
723  ROD STEWART                                 PASSION                                                        
724  ROD STEWART                                 WHAT AM I GONNA DO                                             
725  ROGER DALTREY                               WITHOUT YOUR LOVE                                              
726  ROGER WATERS                                5.01 AM                                                        
727  ROLAND KAISER                               SANTA MARIA                                                    
728  ROLLING STONES                              EMOTIONAL RESCUE                                               
729  ROLLING STONES                              HARLEM SHUFFLE                                                 
730  ROLLING STONES                              MIXED EMOTIONS                                                 
731  ROLLING STONES                              ROCK AND A HARD PLACE                                          
732  ROLLING STONES                              UNDERCOVER OF THE NIGHT                                        
733  ROLLING STONES                              WAITING ON A FRIEND                                            
734  ROMANTICS                                   TALKING IN YOUR SLEEP                                          
735  ROMANTICS                                   WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU                                          
736  RORY BLOCK                                  LOVIN' WHISKEY                                                 
737  ROSE ROYCE                                  BEST LOVE                                                      
738  ROSE ROYCE                                  IS IT LOVE YOU'RE AFTER                                        
739  ROSE ROYCE                                  RR EXPRESS                                                     
740  ROXETTE                                     LISTEN TO YOUR HEART                                           
741  ROXY MUSIC                                  AVALON                                                         
742  ROXY MUSIC                                  JEALOUS GUY                                                    
743  RUFUS & CHAKA KHAN                          AIN'T NOBODY                                                   
744  RUN DMC                                     WALK THIS WAY                                                  
745  RUPERT HOLMES                               ESCAPE                                                         
746  RYAN PARIS                                  DOLCE VITA                                                     
747  S. O. S. BAND                               THE FINEST                                                     
748  S.O.S. BAND                                 JUST BE GOOD TO ME                                             
749  S.O.S.BAND                                  BORROWED LOVE                                                  
750  SADE                                        HANG ON TO YOUR LOVE                                           
751  SADE                                        IS IT A CRIME                                                  
752  SADE                                        NEVER AS GOOD AS THE FIRST TIME                                
753  SADE                                        PARADISE                                                       
754  SADE                                        SMOOTH OPERATOR                                                
755  SADE                                        THE SWEETEST TABOO                                             
756  SALT 'N' PEPA                               PUSH IT                                                        
757  SAM BROWN                                   STOP                                                           
758  SANDRA                                      MARIA MAGDALENA                                                
759  SANDY MARTON                                PEOPLE FROM IBIZA                                              
760  SANTANA                                     HOLD ON                                                        
761  SCORPIONS                                   STILL LOVING YOU                                               
762  SELECTER                                    MISSING WORDS                                                  
763  S-EXPRESS                                   THEME FROM S-EXPRESS                                           
764  SHAKATAK                                    DOWN ON THE STREET                                             
765  SHAKATAK                                    EASIER SAID THAN DONE                                          
766  SHAKATAK                                    NIGHT BIRDS                                                    
767  SHAKATAK                                    WATCHING YOU                                                   
768  SHAKIN' STEVENS                             THE 'OLE HOUSE                                                 
769  SHALAMAR                                    I CAN MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD                                       
770  SHALAMAR                                    THE SECOND TIME AROUND                                         
771  SHANNON                                     LET THE MUSIC PLAY                                             
772  SHARON BROWN                                I SPECIALIZE IN LOVE                                           
773  SHARON REDD                                 IN THE NAME OF LOVE                                            
774  SHEENA EASTON                               FOR YOUR EYES ONLY                                             
775  SHEENA EASTON                               THE LOVER IN ME                                                
776  SHEILA E.                                   A LOVE BIZARRE                                                 
777  SIMPLE MINDS                                ALIVE AND KICKING                                              
778  SIMPLE MINDS                                BELFAST CHILD                                                  
779  SIMPLE MINDS                                DON'T YOU (FORGET ABOUT ME)                                    
780  SIMPLE MINDS                                PROMISED YOU A MIRACLE                                         
781  SIMPLE MINDS                                SANCTIFY YOURSELF                                              
782  SIMPLY RED                                  HOLDING BACK THE YEARS                                         
783  SIMPLY RED                                  IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME BY NOW                                    
784  SIMPLY RED                                  IT'S ONLY LOVE                                                 
785  SIMPLY RED                                  MONEY'S TOO TIGHT (TO MENTION) (SINGLE VERSION)                
786  SIMPLY RED                                  THE RIGHT THING                                                
787  SINEAD O'CONNOR                             TROY                                                           
788  SISTER SLEDGE                               ALL AMERICAN GIRLS                                             
789  SISTER SLEDGE                               LOST IN MUSIC                                                  
790  SKYY                                        CALL ME                                                        
791  SLADE                                       LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS                                         
792  SLY FOX                                     LET'S GO ALL THE WAY                                           
793  SMITHS, THE                                 PANIC                                                          
794  SNIFF 'N' THE TEARS                         DRIVER'S SEAT                                                  
795  SOFT CELL                                   TAINTED LOVE                                                   
796  SOFT CELL                                   TORCH                                                          
797  SOUL II SOUL                                BACK TO LIFE (HOWEVER DO YOU WANT ME)                          
798  SOUL II SOUL                                KEEP ON MOVIN'                                                 
799  SOUL SISTER                                 THE WAY TO YOUR HEART                                          
800  SPAGNA                                      CALL ME                                                        
801  SPANDAU BALLET                              ONLY WHEN YOU LEAVE                                            
802  SPANDAU BALLET                              THROUGH THE BARRICADES                                         
803  SPANDAU BALLET                              TRUE                                                           
804  SPARGO                                      YOU AND ME                                                     
805  SPECIALS                                    TOO MUCH TOO YOUNG                                             
806  SPIDER MURPHY GANG                          SKANDAL IM SPERRBEZIRK                                         
807  SPLIT ENZ                                   MESSAGE TO MY GIRL                                             
808  SPOONIE GEE                                 THE GODFATHER                                                  
809  STACY LATTISAW                              JUMP TO THE BEAT                                               
810  STAN RIDGEWAY                               CAMOUFLAGE                                                     
811  STARSHIP                                    NOTHING'S GONNA STOP ME NOW                                    
812  STARSHIP                                    WE BUILT THIS CITY                                             
813  STATUS QUO                                  IN THE ARMY NOW                                                
814  STATUS QUO                                  THE WANDERER                                                   
815  STEPHANIE MILLS                             NEVER KNEW LOVE LIKE THIS BEFORE                               
816  STEVE ALLEN                                 LETTER FROM MY HEART                                           
817  STEVE ARRINGTON                             FEEL SO REAL                                                   
818  STEVE MILLER BAND                           ABRACADABRA                                                    
819  STEVIE NICKS                                ROOMS ON FIRE                                                  
820  STEVIE WONDER                               HAPPY BIRTHDAY                                                 
821  STEVIE WONDER                               I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU                                
822  STEVIE WONDER                               MASTER BLASTER (JAMMIN')                                       
823  STEVIE WONDER                               PART-TIME LOVER                                                
824  STING                                       ENGLISHMEN IN NEW YORK                                         
825  STING                                       FRAGILE                                                        
826  STING                                       IF YOU LOVE SOMEBODY(SET THEM FREE)                            
827  STING                                       RUSSIANS                                                       
828  STOCK, AITKEN & WATERMAN                    ROADBLOCK                                                      
829  STONE                                       TIME                                                           
830  STRAY CATS                                  RUNAWAY BOYS                                                   
831  STYLE COUNCIL                               SHOUT TO THE TOP!                                              
832  STYX                                        BABE                                                           
833  SUGARHILL GANG                              RAPPER'S DELIGHT                                               
834  SUPERTRAMP                                  DREAMER                                                        
835  SURVIVOR                                    BURNING HEART                                                  
836  SURVIVOR                                    EYE OF THE TIGER                                               
837  SUZANNE VEGA                                LUKA                                                           
838  SWING OUT SISTER                            BREAKOUT                                                       
839  SWING OUT SISTER                            SURRENDER                                                      
840  SYDNEY YOUNGBLOOD                           IF ONLY I COULD                                                
841  T.S. MONK                                   BON BON VIE                                                    
842  TAJA SEVELLE                                LOVE IS CONTAGIOUS                                             
843  TALK TALK                                   IT'S MY LIFE                                                   
844  TALK TALK                                   LIVE'S WHAT YOU MAKE IT                                        
845  TALK TALK                                   LIVING IN ANOTHER WORLD                                        
846  TALK TALK                                   SUCH A SHAME                                                   
847  TALKING HEADS                               ONCE IN A LIFETIME [ LIVE ][99]                                
848  TALKING HEADS                               ROAD TO NOWHERE                                                
849  TALKING HEADS                               SLIPPERY PEOPLE                                                
850  TANITA TIKARAM                              TWIST IN MY SOBRIETY                                           
851  TAVARES                                     HEAVEN MUST BE MISSING AN ANGEL                                
852  TAYLOR DAYNE                                PROVE YOUR LOVE                                                
853  TAYLOR DAYNE                                TELL IT TO MY HEART                                            
854  TEARS FOR FEARS                             EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD                              
855  TEARS FOR FEARS                             SHOUT                                                          
856  TEARS FOR FEARS                             SOWING THE SEEDS OF LOVE                                       
857  TECHNOTRONIC FEAT. FELLY                    PUMP UP THE JAM                                                
858  TEMPTATIONS                                 TREAT HER LIKE A LADY                                          
859  TERENCE TRENT D媚RBY                        DANCE LITTLE SISTER                                            
860  TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY                        SIGN YOUR NAME                                                 
861  TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY                        WISHING WELL                                                   
862  THE BLUES BROTHERS                          EVERYBODY NEEDS SOMEBODY TO LOVE                               
863  THE CHRISTIANS                              IDEAL WORLD                                                    
864  THE CLASH                                   MAGNIFICENT SEVEN                                              
865  THE CLASH                                   ROCK THE CASBAH                                                
866  THE COMMODORES                              LADY (YOU BRING ME UP)                                         
867  THE CULT                                    LOVE REMOVAL MACHINE                                           
868  THE CURE                                    CLOSE TO ME                                                    
869  THE EVERLY BROTHERS                         ON THE WINGS OF A NIGHTINGALE                                  
870  THE FLYING PICKETS                          ONLY YOU                                                       
871  THE GAP BAND                                OOPS UP SIDE YOUR HEAD                                         
872  THE JAM                                     A TOWN CALLED MALICE                                           
873  THE KELLY FAMILY                            DAVID'S SONG (WHO'LL COME WITH ME)                             
874  THE KINKS                                   LOLA (LIVE)                                                    
875  THE NIGHT PEOPLE                            AGAIN                                                          
876  THE POINTER SISTERS                         I'M SO EXCITED                                                 
877  THE POLICE                                  DON'T STAND SO CLOSE TO ME                                     
878  THE POLICE                                  EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE                                          
879  THE POLICE                                  EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES IS MAGIC                           
880  THE POLICE                                  SPIRITS IN THE MATERIAL WORLD                                  
881  THE POLICE                                  WALKING ON THE MOON                                            
882  THE RAH BAND                                CLOUDS ACROSS THE MOON                                         
883  THE ROLLING STONES                          START ME UP                                                    
884  THE SPECIALS                                GHOST TOWN                                                     
885  THE STRANGLERS                              GOLDEN BROWN                                                   
886  THE WATERBOYS                               THE WHOLE OF THE MOON                                          
887  THE WHISPERS                                IT'S A LOVE THING                                              
888  THIRD WORLD                                 TRY JAH LOVE                                                   
889  THOMAS DOLBY                                I SCARE MYSELF                                                 
890  THREE DEGREES                               THE HEAVEN I NEED                                              
891  TIFFANY                                     COULD'VE BEEN                                                  
892  TIFFANY                                     I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW                                        
893  TIM FINN                                    FRACTION TOO MUCH FRICTION                                     
894  TIM HARDIN                                  HOW CAN WE HANG ON TO A DREAM                                  
895  TIME                                        JUNGLE LOVE                                                    
896  TIME BANDITS                                I'M SPECIALIZED IN YOU                                         
897  TIMEX SOCIAL CLUB                           RUMORS                                                         
898  TIMI YURO                                   HURT                                                           
899  TINA TURNER                                 LET'S STAY TOGETHER                                            
900  TINA TURNER                                 THE BEST (12 INCH)                                             
901  TINA TURNER                                 TONIGHT (WITH DAVID BOWIE)                                     
902  TINA TURNER                                 TYPICAL MALE                                                   
903  TINA TURNER                                 WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER HERO                                     
904  TOM BROWNE                                  FUNKIN' FOR JAMAICA                                            
905  TOM ROBINSON                                LISTEN TO THE RADIO                                            
906  TOM TOM CLUB                                UNDER THE BOARDWALK                                            
907  TOM TOM CLUB                                WORDY RAPPINGHOOD                                              
908  TONE LOC                                    WILD THING                                                     
909  TOONTJE LAGER                               NET ALS IN DE FILM                                             
910  TOONTJE LAGER                               STIEKEM GEDANST                                                
911  TOTAL CONTRAST                              HIT AND RUN                                                    
912  TOTAL CONTRAST                              TAKES A LITTLE TIME                                            
913  TOTO                                        AFRICA                                                         
914  TOTO                                        I'LL BE OVER YOU                                               
915  TOTO                                        PAMELA                                                         
916  TOTO                                        ROSANNA                                                        
917  TOTO                                        STOP LOVING YOU                                                
918  TOZZI & RAF                                 GENTE DI MARE                                                  
919  T'PAU                                       CHINA IN YOUR HAND                                             
920  TRACEY ULLMAN                               BREAKAWAY                                                      
921  TRACY CHAPMAN                               FAST CAR                                                       
922  TRAMAINE                                    FALL DOWN (SPIRIT OF LOVE)                                     
923  U2                                          ANGEL OF HARLEM (CD-SINGLE)                                    
924  U2                                          DESIRE                                                         
925  U2                                          I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR                     
926  U2                                          I WILL FOLLOW                                                  
927  U2                                          NEW YEAR'S DAY                                                 
928  U2                                          PRIDE (IN THE NAME OF LOVE)                                    
929  U2                                          SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY                                           
930  U2                                          THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE                                         
931  U2                                          WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME                                 
932  U2                                          WITH OR WITHOUT YOU                                            
933  UB40                                        DON'T BREAK MY HEART                                           
934  UB40                                        FOOD FOR THOUGHT                                               
935  UB40                                        IF IT HAPPENS AGAIN                                            
936  UB40                                        PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME CRY                                       
937  UB40                                        RED RED WINE                                                   
938  UB40                                        WHERE DID I GO WRONG                                           
939  UB40 & CHRISSIE HYNDE                       I GOT YOU BABE                                                 
940  ULTRAVOX                                    VIENNA                                                         
941  UNIQUE                                      WHAT I GOT IS WHAT YOU NEDD                                    
942  USA FOR AFRICA                              WE ARE THE WORLD                                               
943  VAN HALEN                                   JUMP                                                           
944  VAN HALEN                                   RUNNIN' WITH THE DEVIL                                         
945  VAN HALEN                                   WHY CAN'T THIS BE LOVE                                         
946  VAN MORRISON                                HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY                                         
947  VANDENBERG                                  BURNING HEART                                                  
948  VANDENBERG                                  DIFFERENT WORLDS                                               
949  VANESSA WILLIAMS                            THE RIGHT STUFF                                                
950  VANITY 6                                    NASTY GIRL                                                     
951  VARIOUS ARTISTS                             GLAD TO KNOW YOU - CHAS JANKEL                                 
952  VESTA WILLIAMS                              ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY                                          
953  VIOLA WILLS                                 GONNA GET ALONG WITHOUT YOU NOW                                
954  VIOLA WILLS                                 IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND                                      
955  VISAGE                                      FADE TO GREY                                                   
956  VITESSE                                     ROSALYN                                                        
957  WAX                                         BRIDGE TO YOUR HEART                                           
958  WAYNE WADE                                  LADY                                                           
959  WEATHER GIRLS                               IT'S RAINING MEN                                               
960  WEE PAPA GIRL RAPPERS                       FAITH                                                          
961  WEE PAPA GIRL RAPPERS                       WEE RULE                                                       
962  WEEKS & COMPANY                             ROCK YOUR WORLD                                                
963  WENDY & LISA                                WATERFALL                                                      
964  WET WET WET                                 ANGEL EYES                                                     
965  WHAM                                        EVERYTHING SHE WANTS                                           
966  WHAM                                        YOUNG GUNS                                                     
967  WHAM!                                       CLUB TROPICANA                                                 
968  WHAM!                                       THE EDGE OF HEAVEN                                             
969  WHAM!                                       WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO                                       
970  WHAM!                                       WHAM RAP!                                                      
971  WHAM!                                       YOUNG GUNS (GO FOR IT)                                         
972  WHAT FUN                                    THE RIGHT SIDE WON                                             
973  WHISPERS                                    AND THE BEAT GOES ON                                           
974  WHITESNAKE                                  HERE I GO AGAIN                                                
975  WHITESNAKE                                  IS THIS LOVE                                                   
976  WHITNEY HOUSTON                             ALL AT ONCE                                                    
977  WHITNEY HOUSTON                             DIDN'T WE ALMOST HAVE IT ALL                                   
978  WHITNEY HOUSTON                             GREATEST LOVE OF ALL                                           
979  WHITNEY HOUSTON                             HOW WILL I KNOW                                                
980  WHITNEY HOUSTON                             I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY (WHO LOVES ME)                     
981  WHITNEY HOUSTON                             LOVE WILL SAVE THE DAY                                         
982  WHITNEY HOUSTON                             ONE MOMENT IN TIME                                             
983  WHITNEY HOUSTON                             SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU                                     
984  WHITNEY HOUSTON & CISSY HOUSTON             I KNOW HIM SO WELL                                             
985  WHO, THE                                    YOU BETTER YOU BET                                             
986  WILL DOWNING                                A LOVE SUPREME                                                 
987  WILLIAM PITT                                CITY LIGHTS                                                    
988  WOMACK & WOMACK                             TEARDROPS                                                      
989  WON TON TON                                 I LIE AND I CHEAT                                              
990  YARBROUGH & PEOPLES                         DON'T STOP THE MUSIC                                           
991  YAZOO                                       DON'T GO                                                       
992  YAZZ & THE PLASTIC POPULATION               THE ONLY WAY IS UP                                             
993  YES                                         OWNER OF A LONELY HEART                                        
994  YES                                         OWNER OF A LONELY HEART                                        
995  YOUNG MC                                    BUST A MOVE                                                    
996  ZIGGY MARLEY                                TOMORROW PEOPLE                                                
997  ZIGGY MARLEY AND THE MELODY MAKERS          LOOK WHO'S DANCING                                             
998  ZUCCHERO                                    SENZA UNA DONNA                                                
999  ZZ TOP                                      GIMME ALL YOUR LOVIN'                                          
1000 ZZ TOP                                      SHARP DRESSED MAN